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Application Portfolio Rationalization & Digital Transformation

DURATION: 6 months
INDUSTRY: Manufacturing

Situation assessment:

  • 1200+ known and unknown global applications at this global, multi-billion dollar transportation manufacturer.
  • 20% custom applications with overlapping use.
  • Losing $1MM/year due to support and maintenance costs for duplicate apps.


  • Client gained a prioritized inventory of all apps with recommendations on cloud fit, re-hosting, refactoring, re-platforming, replacing, retiring, or retaining.
  • Client can now pilot apps with validated savings of $1.5MM/yr in support and duplicate licensing costs.
  • Client ready for first cloud migration for three apps, to support companywide digital transformation effort.

Artificial Intelligence Product Definition

Defined an AI Commercial Energy Management Application

DURATION: 3 months
INDUSTRY: Software Service

Situation assessment:

  • New SaaS application for this AI startup with poorly defined requirements and user experience.
  • Lack of data type definition and integration.
  • Sub-optimal data visualization experience.


  • Development and business teams gained a comprehensive MVP definition with requirements to begin coding the app.
  • Client can now drive tactical data structure work, as data types defined from an architectural perspective.
  • Client now has user experience resource (from our network) and can define & code an appropriate data visualization approach.

Online Experience & Documentation Overhaul

Re-wrote and maintain new online experience for cloud-based mass deployer of industrial IoT

DURATION: 6 months
INDUSTRY: Software Service

Situation assessment:

  • Industrial IoT provider has complaints about on-boarding, configuration, and use of its NaaS-based product.
  • Content and user experience by non-US-English speaking developers for a US-only market.
  • No scalable content or user experience strategy.


  • Completely redesigned and re-wrote online customer content experience, including step-by-step instructions, wizard, and reference content for definitions.
  • Delivered and implemented a go-forward strategy for user content, which includes YouTube tutorials, written content, tech illustrations, and a wizard.

Statewide Association IT Group & Technologies Assessment & Strategy for Transformation

Evaluated root causes, and recommended and implemented actions to address under-performing IT organization, governance, and technologies

DURATION: 6 months
INDUSTRY: Association

Situation assessment:

  • IT team delivers few completed projects and low quality.
  • Technology infrastructure is a decade old with no upgrade plan.
  • Data, which is the heart of this organization, is scattered across multiple sources and not integrated.


  • Recommended, created, and delivered a completely new IT strategy and governance model.
  • Recommended a different software development methodology to fit the culture and address the issues.
  • Mapped to the budget cycle, including creation and management of data transformation RFP.

M&A Spin-off Sale

Delivered market data, analysis, and financial model

DURATION: 2 months
INDUSTRY: Healthcare

Situation assessment:

  • Multiple potential buyers with wide ranging valuations for IT radiology service inside a hospital network.
  • Lack of financial modeling for post-transaction services of spun-off entity.
  • Lack of pricing strategy, creating possible price elasticity miscalculation.


  • CIO received a segment market analysis, including M&A trends, gaps & sale considerations.
  • CIO used our pro-forma model to share plans with potential buyers, including revenue and cost projections, staffing, assumptions, and budget.
  • CIO now fluent in the need for a pricing strategy for services, including appropriate service mix and pricing model.

M&A Technology Platform Carve-out

Mitigated technical, operational, and financial disaster

DURATION: 1.5 months
INDUSTRY: Technology Service

Situation assessment:

  • Unrealistic Transition Services Agreement (TSA) for this food service manufacturer, written by non-technical staff.
  • IT team with limited operational capabilities post-transaction.
  • Material business impact if existing path chosen.


  • IT and financial teams understand the full impact of de-coupling and flawed TSA.
  • Carve-out entity gained pre- and post-transaction prioritized roadmap, including financial costs, resources, infrastructures, and architectural design.
  • The carved-out entity received recommendations for technologies and brands, where a change of technology or approach was warranted.

Business Continuity

Assessed and recommended changes to reduce risk

DURATION: 4 weeks
INDUSTRY: Health Care

Situation assessment:

  • Poor analytics and sample processes throughout this cancer research firm.
  • Lack of key staff succession planning across all functions.
  • Technology bottleneck in time of crisis.


  • Conducted a risk impact analysis, including recommendations.
  • Conducted a business impact analysis, including recommendations.
  • Provided a roadmap to implement recommendations.